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It is often the case that people who are financially knowledgeable prefer to invest in real estate rather than in equities, possibly because the former is much easier to comprehend. That said, real estate too has its own technical ambiguities and jargons.
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Rising repo rates! is your home still affordable ?

Repo rate or repurchase rate is the rate at which the central bank of a country (RBI in case of India) lends money to banks for short period by buying their securities (financial assets).
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what role do stamp duties play in buying a home ?

Everyone cherishes a dream of owning their dream home, but documentation and registration procedure does make that journey a tad difficult. Your ownership is not determined alone by the physical possession of a property.
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Benefits of owning a home at a younger age

Millennial, or people born in the early 1980s and 1990s, has a very key influence on the Indian economy. This demographic segment has been an important customer group for industry sectors, and therefore influence the strategies and decisions of these sect